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Vandaid Adventure Patches

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Accidents, dents, and scratches happen all the time while on the go, especially when you're on an overlanding adventure or in dense urban parking conditions. While these bits of body damage are an eyesore on your rig, leaving paint scratches exposed to the elements invites additional paint chips and rust to form creating even bigger problems down the road.

Use Vandaid Adventure Patches to encapsulate paint and body damage around the panels of your vehicle. Simply wipe your damaged surface free of dirt and grime, then stick on the Vandaid. You'll have an instant waterproof seal, a technical-looking badge, and can even fill in the location and date lines on the Vandaid patch itself (with a sharpie).

Patch up your deep dents and scratches now, then worry about paint/bodywork on your own time later. OR keep the Vandaid on indefinitely as a badge of honor commemorating your adventure battle scar.