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Ram ProMaster Sliding Door Handle Upgrade (2014-2024)

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This ProMaster sliding door handle is a direct replacement for the small and flimsy stock handle. The additional leverage and deep finger scoops make for easy opening and pulling of the sliding door, especially for passengers with limited hand strength and dexterity (i.e. arthritic hands & kids). 

• The longer handle lever makes it easier to open and pull the door along the rail. Ergonomic finger scoops increase finger grip
• Integrated hanging hook for in-and-out items (keys, trash bags, lanyards, purses, back packs)
• Injection-molded out of glass-reinforced nylon for ultimate durability
• Steel reinforcement bearing at pivot point for repetitive high-stress loads
• Lifetime Warranty

Compatible with:
• All Dodge Ram ProMasters (2014-2023)