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Ram ProMaster Complete H7 LED Headlight Conversion Kit - No RTV Glue (2014-2022)

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This complete conversion kit includes everything you need to upgrade your Dodge ProMaster headlights to full H7 LEDs without gluing or drilling. The kit is a true H7 LED plug-and-play solution that can be easily reversed. Increase visibility and maximize safety with a 300% brightness boost over stock Halogen bulbs or direct-fit low-power LED bulbs.
What's included:
• Designed to fit H7 LED Bulbs with ProMaster Headlights (2014-2022).
• Low Beam & High Beam adapters made from high-load ceramic or Stainless Steel with advanced heat dissipation properties (up to 424°F). These Adapters require no modification to the headlight - NO RTV gluing & NO Drilling!
• Includes easy step-by-step video instructions for headlight removalH7 bulb installation, and vertical headlight aiming (important to prevent blinding other drivers)
• Custom low-glare / high-output H7 LED bulbs - Increased longevity rated at 60,000 hours while maintaining 5000 Lumens per bulb (6000k color temperature). Bulbs are guaranteed for 2 years from purchase date.
* Ships in 3-4 business days.
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